How to properly store your wedding dress

How to properly store your wedding dress: Care and preservation tips

Your wedding dress is one of the most important, meaningful, and expensive purchases a bride will ever make. Preserving your stunning gown properly ensures it stays in flawless, pristine condition for many years to come, allowing you to pass it down as a cherished heirloom or keep it as a special memento of your beautiful wedding day.

With the right preservation methods, you can enjoy and display your dress for a lifetime, while protecting the fine fabrics and meticulous details that make it so unique. Follow these expert care and storage tips to keep your treasured wedding gown looking timeless for generations.

Create ideal temperature and humidity levels

One of the most crucial factors in wedding dress preservation is maintaining ideal temperature and humidity levels wherever you store the gown. Keeping your dress in a cool, dark place helps prevent premature yellowing, deterioration of fabrics like silk or lace, and stops mold or mildew growth.

The recommended temperature for storage is about 68-72°F. Attics, basements, and garages often get too hot in summer or too cold in winter – avoid these locations. The ideal humidity level is a constant 50-55% relative humidity. Investing in a hygrometer to monitor humidity can help.

A great storage option is a spacious, breathable garment bag in a closet in a climate-controlled room. Make sure the closet has adequate airflow and that the dress is not crammed tightly between other items or pressing against the wall. You can also place silica gel packs inside the garment bag to absorb excess humidity and prevent condensation.

Keep the gown thoroughly clean

Before placing your wedding gown into storage, have it professionally dry cleaned by a specialist familiar with handling delicate fabrics like silk, lace, and intricate beading. This removes accumulated dirt, oil and sweat stains from your wedding day and reception that could attract pests or react with the material over time.

If there are any remaining spots or stains after dry cleaning, tackle them immediately with gentle cleaners designed for wedding gowns. Never use bleach or harsh chemicals! For water-based stains, blot gently with distilled or demineralized water applied with a soft cloth. Avoid tap water which can leave mineral stains. You want the dress in thoroughly clean condition before storage.

Once packed away, fully cover the gown to protect it from dust and dirt which can embed into delicate fabrics and be impossible to remove. Check periodically for any new stains or yellowing. Having a professional specialist do deep cleaning every few years is wise.

**Use only acid-free, archival materials **

Regular tissue paper contains lignin and acid which cause yellowing and brittleness in fabrics over time. Instead use only specialty acid-free, lignin-free tissue when stuffing sleeves, padding the bodice, or wrapping your dress for storage. You can find archival tissue at many wedding shops or specialty retailers for about $10-15 a pack.

Wrap any creases or seams in the acid-free tissue as well so they don’t create permanent folds and damage. The mannequin form your dress was displayed on at the bridal salon also makes an ideal storage vessel. Other options like breathable cotton sheets work too. Just avoid plastic which doesn’t allow airflow.

Carefully box and cushion the dress

Select a sturdy, sufficiently large box or archival storage container to protect your gown. Acid-free cardboard boxes specially made for wedding gown storage are best. Wrap the dress so it doesn’t shift around inside the box and any beading doesn’t catch on the sides. Fill extra space with the acid-free tissue paper.

Nearly all preservation experts recommend storing the dress laid completely flat, not hanging which can stretch the fabric. Make sure the box lid fits securely, seals fully, and is sturdy enough to stack other storage bins on top if needed. You want the dress properly cushioned and stable inside.

Consider professional preservation services

For the most meticulous storage and true heirloom preservation, many brides opt to have their gown professionally cleaned, packaged, and stored by a specialty service. This offers expert handling and museum-quality materials like archival boxes and acid-free tissue.

While costs vary, professional preservation typically runs $200-500 depending on the gown details. This also includes insurance against damage. Compare companies and read reviews to find a reputable service that meets your needs and budget.

With the proper care and storage precautions, your beloved wedding dress can stay in flawless condition for decades to come. Follow these pro tips diligently, and your gown will maintain its timeless beauty as a family keepsake for generations.

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