Caring for Corset Wedding Dresses

Caring for Corset Wedding Dresses: Storage and Care Tips for Corset Gowns

Corset gowns require special care and handling to maintain their structure and prevent damage. Follow these tips to keep your corset dress stunning.

Professional dry cleaning only

Never attempt to wash a corset dress at home! The boning, intricate seams and construction require professional dry cleaning. Choose a wedding gown specialist and specifically ask if they have experience with corsetry. This maintains the shape and prevents rips, tears or lost beads.

Plan to dry clean just before your first wearing to remove any residues from manufacturing and storage. Clean again right after your wedding day to eliminate body oils, sweat and stains. Regular professional cleaning every 1-2 years will keep the fabrics fresh and whites bright.

Proper storage between wearings

After professional cleaning, store your corset gown in a cool, dry place laying completely flat. Never hang a corset dress which can stretch the bodice seams and fabrics.

Use an acid-free archival box large enough to fully contain the gown without folding or squeezing which can warp boning. Fill empty space in the box with acid-free tissue paper to cushion the dress. Keep at around 70°F with 55% humidity.

Before your wedding, steam the gown very gently while laying flat to refresh. Then properly lace up the corset to correctly shape the bodice for wearing.

Preventing damage when wearing

A corset gown requires assistance to properly lace up the back. Make sure boning is flexible before tightening, and do not cinch beyond comfort. Wear a smooth bodysuit or lining to protect embellishments from snagging on skin or undergarments.

Move carefully in your corset dress, stepping gently and not making overly exaggerated movements that could pop stressed seams. Sit delicately, keeping the back straight and not slouching or bending which can crumple boning.

Follow specialist cleaning directions

When professionally dry cleaning, specifically mention it’s a corset gown so special methods are used. The cleaning tag inside your dress may provide additional directions to share with your specialist like keeping covers on beading during cleaning.

Some corset fabric or embellishments like metallic embroidery may require special solutions. Strictly follow all directions from the manufacturer and your dry cleaner to keep your gown perfect.

Make minor repairs promptly

Check for any loose beads, ripped boning channels, or popped seams after wearing and make minor repairs immediately before storing. Small ripped seams can be re-sewn by hand. Replace any displaced boning bones back into channels. Have extensive damages fixed professionally.

With specialized care and handling, your stunning corset wedding gown will maintain its shape and structure for many bridal wearings. Follow these pro tips and trust professional specialists for cleaning and storage.

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