Floral Wedding Invitation

How to Make a Floral Wedding Invitation

Floral details lend warmth, romance and organic beauty to Wedding Invitations. Discover the most beautiful ways to thoughtfully and tastefully add botanical accents, colors and elements into your wedding invites.

Carefully Select One or Two Dominant Floral Hues That Coordinate Seamlessly With Your Wedding Color Palette

Start by choosing one or two main floral colors that will be dominant across your Wedding Invitations. The shades you select should coordinate seamlessly with the overall color palette you’ve chosen for your wedding celebration.

For spring and summer weddings, soft blush pinks, coral peach, sage greens and sunny yellows make natural pairings and convey the bright feeling of the season. Deep plums, marsala reds, and burgundies feel rich and elegant for fall and winter events.

Limit your floral color palette to no more than two dominant shades for the most polished, upscale look. Scattered colors will cheapen the effect. But you can incorporate green foliage and neutrals like cream freely to supplement.

Incorporate Realistic or Stylized Botanical Design Elements Throughout Your Suite

Start adding floral style by including frames, garlands, flourishes and other botanical design motifs as decorative embellishments surrounding your suite text and names. These give visual interest while conveying natural flair.

Get creative with your floral elements. Adorn invites with a graceful wreath of botanicals encircling the circle “O” in your names. Press or emboss layered flower petals, leaves and vines directly into your card stock using floral letterpress plates.

For save-the-dates, try using a custom laser cut floral motif as the card shape. Wrap RSVP cards with raffia or ribbon printed to mimic stems and leaves. Small touches go far in establishing the botanical feel.

Affix Real Pressed Flowers or Ferns Using Specialty Glues for Organic Texture

For the ultimate natural touch, affix actual delicate pressed flowers, leaves or ferns using milliner’s glue in select areas of your Wedding Invitations. Avoid using heavy blooms or succulents that will be difficult to mail.

Get creative with your floral enhancements. Allow a single preserved blossom to peek out from behind your invite’s envelope lining for a lovely surprise. Cascade a ribbon tied in a boutonniere shape off a corner of the invite, with tiny pressed blooms in the ribbon.

Just be mindful not to overdo the real botanicals. A few strategic stems or petals here and there establish the organic look without overwhelming.

Select Beautiful Patterned Papers Featuring Painted or Graphic Floral Prints

Incorporate Wedding Invitations papers featuring floral patterns like painterly watercolor flower designs or more graphic modern blooms. This infuses botanical style into the foundation of your suite.

Go for a romantic English garden look with vintage-inspired floral damasks, or get contemporary with vivid digital peony prints. Contrast matte finish laser cut floral invites with glossy inked envelopes chock full of graphic poppies. The options are limitless.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns for contrast. Florals can coordinate with other motifs like leaves, vines, or pinstripes. Different scale blooms layered together adds dimension.

Use Floral Script Fonts and Hand Lettering for Organic, Botanical Charm

Floral script fonts and hand lettering add free-flowing, natural style perfect for displaying names and greetings. Try addressing envelopes in a playful brush script or elegant looped calligraphy.

Monogram names in fonts where letters feature swirling flower and vine embellishments. Add a date, title or venue in a display font with leafy flourishes. For a personal touch, hand letter names and notes on a signature card in your own botanic lettering style.

By thoughtfully and creatively incorporating floral accents into your Wedding Invitations, you cultivate beauty, romance and organic nature-inspired charm your guests will adore. The details convey love for your special day.

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