Flower Wedding Dress

Flower Wedding Dress: How to Incorporate Floral Details in Your Wedding Dress Design

Floral fabrics and accents lend a timeless romanticism and feminine flair to bridal gowns. Discover the most beautiful ways to tastefully add botanic elements as delicate accents or bold statements throughout your wedding dress design.

Carefully Choose a Focal Floral Variety or Palette for Your Gown

The first step is selecting one or two floral varieties or a customized palette that will tie your floral dress details together into a cohesive story. Consider what floral shapes and types best convey your personal wedding style – are you drawn to wildflowers, rose bouquets, tropical motifs?

Delicate floral lace appliques in classic wedding bloom shapes like roses, calla lilies, orchids or hydrangeas strategically placed offer a quintessential graceful and feminine elegance. Cascading 3D embellishments of your flowers flowing down the skirt create major drama for brides desiring an eye-catching statement.

Whatever your floral choices, restrain the palette to 1-3 statement blooms for the most polished and put-together look. Mixing too many types of flowers or colors will look messy rather than romantic. You can always add more greenery and botanical accents if desired.

Strategically Accentuate Your Best Features with Thoughtful Floral Placement

Now that you’ve selected your gown’s perfect floral blooms, think about placement and positioning. Skillfully placed floral embellishments, trims and accents can dramatically accentuate your best assets.

For the bride looking to highlight her tiny waist, position lively floral lace appliques to subtly cinch and flatter the waistline. Or add a contrasting floral pattern ribbon belt to further define your waist.

To accentuate your bust or elegant décolletage, sprinkle light floral sequin and beadwork across the bodice. Or opt for a strapless sweetheart neckline with a border of 3D floral lace to perfectly frame your collar bones and draw eyes up.

Around the neckline, keep embellishments delicate and slender to honor your beautiful face. Avoid overpowering sequin flowers or heavy beaded blooms that distract from your smile.

Explore Using Actual Botanical Fabrics Featuring Floral Patterns

Don’t stop at embellishments – incorporate actual fabrics covered in flower motifs into your dress design itself. Flowers can be cleverly camouflaged within the very cloth of your gown.

Seek out luxe fabrics like damasks, brocades and jacquards that have woven floral patterns for subtle allure. Lightweight chiffon or crepe with a painterly watercolor floral print lends an ethereal, flowing movement as you walk down the aisle.

Lace featuring flowers is a wedding dress staple. But explore unique options like dainty daisy lace rather than traditional rose lace for your personal twist. Peony patterns embroidered into sheer illusion fabric make a gorgeously romantic statement.

Let the styles of fabric florals inform your choice of floral accents to ensure a harmonious overall gown design. Bold digital floral prints pair best with subtle accents, while delicate vine lace suits bolder 3D flowers cascading down the skirt.

Coordinate Floral Gown Accents with Your Bridal Bouquet

For the most polished, purposeful look possible, intentionally coordinate the floral elements on your wedding dress with the focal blooms you plan to carry in your bridal bouquet.

If your gown features beaded peach roses along the neckline, instruct your florist to incorporate peach roses into your bouquet’s arrangement. Or echo the blue hydrangeas patterned on your gown’s lace overlay by carrying real hydrangeas wrapped in your bouquet.

Having your bridal dress accents and bouquet blooms completely mismatching can look haphazard. But when coordinated, they tell a gorgeous cohesive floral story. Your bouquet should be the finishing complementary floral touch.

Consider Going Subtle or Bold Depending on Your Bridal Style

The degree and scale of floral accents on your dress ultimately depends on your personal bridal style and vision. For the bold, maximalist bride there are no limits – opt for a jaw-dropping fully beaded botanical design exploding with flowers.

The minimalist bride still has floral options too – add a single delicate floral lace motif along the edge of an otherwise unembellished gown for a hint of romance. Or take a simple slip dress and cinch the waist with a beaded floral applique belt for a touch of flower power.

In between, scattered floral sequin posies spread along the bodice create a subtly sparkling statement. Or go with one oversized floral embroidered applique cascading down the train for a unique look.

By creatively and thoughtfully incorporating the right amount and placement of floral details into your wedding dress design, you will cultivate a standout style that blossoms on your special day.

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